Saturday, 14 June, 2008


I am sitting now in a Biggby coffee shop opposite to the Novi theater where i saw Dasavatharam. My first reaction: Good. (Not a Wow you know).

So here goes my first movie review:

I wont reveal the plot, but i am telling you, there is very little to reveal. Kamal has tried to give a movie which is not a complete comedy like his panchanthanthram and also not every serious like Indian. But he failed to strike a balance and it turns out to be half cooked. (Scientific explanations makes you think it to be like "vikram" , his old movie, but bullets curing the cancer makes you to believe that he didnt want to give a logical moie).

Technology is used to the maximum extent. Too much of spending in that front which sometimes amazes you. Poor producer (Hope he really doesnt become poor and the movie gets him some money). At times, Camera moves at 80 miles/hour.

Music is good. Really doubt whether Himesh did all of them. "Mukundha Mukundha" is the one i remember after coming out the movie. Lyrics are classic. Vairamuthu and Valli have given their best. But i liked the lyrics in the song where the punjabi kamal performs in the stage.Background music might have been better. It fails to impress you. It fails to run with the fast camera.

Hats off to kamal. All his ten characters score. But sometimes you get bored of seeing him. Every character you see in the screen, you will try to figure out whether it is kamal. He scores there. He makes you believe that he can do any role.

Other actors just occupy the screen, they have very little role to play. Nagesh,Napolean everyone is used as a pickle in a Kamal lunch. :)

A strong story might have made me say "Wow". Overall Movie is just above ok. I really think there is no need for kamal doing 10 roles and he introduced a lot of roles just to make that count to 10. (To beat Shivaji's 9 role record) Just remembers the tamil proverb "Allauku Minchinal Audhamum Nanchu". This is definitely above any normal movie that you will see in Kollywood, but kamal should have done it better. Kamal as a actor wins your heart, but he fails (may be i shud say he didnt succeed) as a screenplay writer.

Overall if you go to the theater without expectations : 3/5
You went to theater to expect a "ullaga nayagan" movie : 2/5

Sorry Kamal.Better luck next time.