Saturday, 29 November, 2008

வாரணம் ஆயிரம்

A new movie from surya. Double act. Surya has done a wonderful job.

I drove 100 miles with a friend to watch the movie. He and me are the only people in the theater. Detroit is the only place where you can watch the movie alone. I enjoy watching it alone. You can enjoy the move without any disturbances like a child crying or a romantic couple making moves which you brings a வைத்தெரிச்சல் or a family discussing about the loan that they have to pay or for worst our own movie fans dancing and letting you not to enjoy the movie. A complete silence gives you the time and envirnment to feel he essence of the movie.

So there he is, Surya coming into the picture as a army commander. He is handsome in any role, but as a commander, he still reminds us காக்க காக்க. Then there is Simran as young surya's mother and old surya's wife. She looks old. Is it makeup or is it becuase she is really getting old? [:D]. Old Surya is in his death bed for couple of scenes and then he dies. Now young Surya (whose screen name is also Surya) starts to think about his father who is his rolemodel in everything. (Including in his romance). Parents leave a great impression on us...if you are not one of those who grew up in hostel, it is most likely you will see yourself in the movie...This is Gautam menon's "Thavami Thavam Irunthu + Autograph".

Rating of 3.5/5. I am not gonna write a review here as it didnt fall on one of the worst movies or on one of the best. :)

P.S: This post somehow stayed in my drafts for a long a very late publishing.. sorry about that.. :D