Saturday, 20 June, 2009

Dangers of iReports

With the new problems in Iran, TV media is completely behind twitters and facebooks. When everyone is praising it as new "Twitter revolution", as someone pointed out Iran is not into revolution yet and definitely not because of twitter. Come on people, do you think million people in Iran came after reading their tweets? American media easily hide the facts when they don't want to show. Did anyone tell us about their percentage of Internet penetration in Iran? Who knows, except for this twitter-friendly college students everyone else in Iran in support of the Ahmadinejad. I am not saying the media is hiding facts, i am just saying that media is choosing what we want to hear. Media is going by a bunch of protesters who are completely on one side of this battle. A regular reporter has a lot of responsibilities which are ignored by these ireporters. It makes sense to use the ireport in the case of flight crash or an accident like that where Media cannot be there at the time of happening. But in issues like Iran, Media cannot take sides just because they are getting news from one side which is Internet media savvy and other side is not much interested on what they report.

I seriously feel we are hearing one side of the story here and the other side is ignored just because they dont feed the world media with their iReports.