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A day in Shols - 23rd Dec 2006

This is a pretty old narration. Had in my emails. Now that, there are good number of people, reading my blog, i thought i will publish it.

I never had an idea of writing something on the happenings in my life till that day….even this is going to be a boring one…and if u happen to read it..then it means u r in a Hit-list… J ya hit-list of people whom I can bore… (Names are changed…as I don’t want to embarrass my friends…)

I was in Chennai for the visa stamping….strange that Bangalore still don’t have a consulate…Thatz fine for me…with the long weekends around…I planned for a 3 day extra stay in Chennai…a place which I don’t like but where all the people whom I like live.. c

After my visa stamping was done, I called my sister and told her the happy news…Now I need to go back to guest house, where I was staying…Auto driver asked me for 120 rupees, for a place which he normally asks just 40…reason he told me is I am happy and I can pay more…I walked for about 500 meters to a bus stop and then again caught an auto to reach the guest house by paying 40.. J

That night I saw two of my friends who came to my guest house to see me…one was my college-project mate…who is now working in a small company after his MBA…other is working in Infosys..we just asked abt our health, work….and then they left in 10-20 mins…

The next day morning I was woken up by a call from Abhishek, a guy with whom I was staying for a yr, around the clock…the only time I was not with him was when he starts talking to his GF via his mobile….poor mobile…it was load tested by him… J…he called me up to say that he is busy….and he will try to meet me in the evening. I saw the time, it was eight. I called up sneha to make sure that she is coming to office….

I traveled by city bus to shols…a place where I attended my infy interview…a place which turned my life upside down…i went directly to sneha’s place disturbed her work for sometime…hmm she still looks like my own cute little sister..looks tired…but still the smile is at her face…hmm thou I don’t like Chennai..i would still want to come to Chennai if I can work with this girl… J….then I started roaming inside the dc…

I moved towards Mohan, a really “big” friend of me…thank god he hasn’t put weight after that...chatted with him for sometime and then saw Kumar..a short guy who still has that smiley face…these two guys are good friends of me, especially in the trainee days…I still wonder, how a tall guy from a small town (myself), a short guy with a little call center experience and a fat guy born & brought up in Chennai became good friends…something bonded us…and still binds us… We had nice chats about work…about the boring life…about the new crushes.. about the DCs…a small talk on a wide range of topics… then they had work…and I was pushed to move towards others…

I went to lunch with sneha and co…a lunch after 7 months with her…enjoyed every minute of it. Then I met some more friends…my batchmates….how different the life is for everyone of us…one of us is almost playing a PL role in his team…for one guy he got centre of excellence award and a handy cam…one guy is married and he is going to be a father in next 8 months…one guy has become so fat that I hardly recognize him…Other has lost his father and he is now supporting his family along with his tight schedule…his schedule is so tight that I hardly spoke to him…he is again close friend of me..when I say close, I am so sensitive in these friendships…I felt very bad, when I couldn’t speak to him…. L

Then I called up Rekha and asked her to come before her building, she was working with me in mng for sometime and now she is married and got settled in chennai…I couldn’t attend her marriage…saw her happy face…not much change…but ya I can sense that she is happy…a positive girl…in most of the other friendships, I was on the top…I have told them wht is right and wht is wrong…rarely got advice from them….but this is different…she is always positive and I have always looked for her to tell me whether I am doing it right…in the 20 mins chat with her…I rarely saw something negative…when I said bye to her, I seriously felt that married life will be very happy….she was very happy when I spoke abt her husband and when I spoke abe her in laws….truth or acting….that doesn’t matter..she proves a point…if u r happy or even if not, always try to be smart and keep smiling…Long live my friend…I learnt one more good thing from you (Be positive)..A friendship which I always wanted to become a good one for me…but which always stopped at a smile…till the EOL, I will be thinking that I missed a good friend... Last but not the least in that, I wanted a call from her to her home…I didn’t get it…may be my friendship was not that worth…. Whatever be to me she is a kohinoor diamond…which thou not with me as a friend….I will keep telling that “I know her” J

Then I called up sushmita and asked her to come to reception, a girl with whom I never…I reiterate I never interacted in the training days…she was so cute in the training days that she use to be one of the girls with whom I at least wanted to get introduced… J…I joined mng and she joined shols after training…suddenly we started chatting…we have chatted for hours…we became close, just by chatting…believe me, I don’t think I could never have become a friend of her, if I was in shols…with my shy character I could have never talked to her…we were very close that we shared all personal feelings…sometimes she was supportive when I was down….then she went thru a rough patch of life where everyone was cruel to her…then she consoled herself and she came back from all of them….thank god for giving her that strength… Now, I am in the big reception waiting for her…thinking all these stuff about her….how she will be…the same old cute girl?...the wait wasn’t a long one, she came in 10 mins…hmm there was a shadow of sorrow reflected in her face, the cute spectacle is not there…she has lost some weight…overall I promise you, if you have mental problems, that spoils your health….she has changed…she is matured now…she talks slowly…thinks before speaking every word…she is bold than before…she now knows whom to believe and whom not to believe… poor girl….she might have lost the charm….but she still has the confidence to live in the world of cruel people…couple of yrs before I liked her for her charm, now I like her for her confidence… May god bless her and let her live a peaceful life from here on…

I called up few more collegemates and went to their buildings to meet them….we shared some gossips, news, cribs….nothing new…everyone loves this work for the sal, but one thing is common, this is not the job we dreamt……all the charisma the job had, all are gone…I shared few more “All the best”.

I saw a school friend of me, who just said a “hi” and moved as thou he sees me daily. L

I joined sneha again, gave her the gifts that I got for her and told her that I will come to her home tomm…I left her cubicle with a heavy heart…I duno y…I spoke very less to her…have I started showing my shyness to her too? No no way…she is not the usual friend I have…was it bcoz we always shared most of joy thru msgr even when we were in same project? Dunnoo…but I spoke very less…she might have thought that I am changed…but no…I still love her as a sister…but sometimes when u meet a friend after yrs, u don’t have many things to speak..i sat in her cubicle for sometime silently…a silent which kills me even now…shud I have spoken a little bit more? Dunno…only she has to tell…but I am sure I am going to miss her for few more yrs atleast… L… I didn’t get a snap with most of my friends. It was too much to ask for a snap with everyone. One snap that I took with sneha also got blurred... L

When I stepped out, I felt that god is a magician. All of us for whom the professional life started at the same moment, now it is totally different…some with good news, some going thru some bad patches….life is different for each and everyone…some gr8 friendships and some friendships which are missed…some cute love stories…some betrayals…but one good thing this job has thought them…smile even if u see a stranger. May be thatz y all of them smiled at me…

I was going back by city bus to Guest house…the bus was overloaded…on a bus stop, a set of guys boarded the bus in footsteps…one guy was hanging in the number plate…believe me…I am saying the truth…he had his legs over a 1 centimeter width number plate and his hands were holding one of the window bars…he is no where inside the bus…not even a centimeter of him… then he grabbed the window bars and came inside the bus through the window…first time I am seeing a guy coming inside the bus thru a window…now here is the climax…he came inside and gave his books to girl….(the window thru which he came inside is where she was sitting)…she asked “y not in next bus?” and our guy replies “but you are in this bus only na..”…wht do u think the girls reaction is? She smiled and blushed.. I was shocked to see that…there was 50% chance for him to fell down and the girl is happy for his act and she didn’t even say a word that “don’t repeat it again..” L I seriously feel that the girl is time passing with this guy…if u love a person, u will hit him in face if he does like this… this is one more incident where I felt we need to teach our kids more abt love and sex…just an infatuation leads to these kind of nonsense activities…

I came back to guest house and called up Abhishek, he said he will be in guest house in 5-10 mins. He came; we spoke abt the old days, new happenings and within 5 mins, we started and we left the guest house and he dropped me in saidapet bus-stand and he went to his native place by bus. One more good friendship….I went to velachery from there and slept off….

So thatz it…a day @ shols….a day with my friends….Hey r u still reading? God, there are people who don’t have work at all…they read whatever they get…:)

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