Sunday, 22 February, 2009

Osacr-il தமிழ்

We indians always had the best entertainment industry in the world, but rarely got noticed. We had the best actors, musicians, lyrics writers, dialogues, story writers last but the not the least directors. But we never got appreciation from rest of the world.

So today when A.R.Rahman won the award, he broke that history and gave a hope to all of us that in the years to come, we will be noticed more. Thanks and Congrats ARR. I was so happy to hear the world chennai in the oscar stage and in top of all, when he said "Ella pugallaum irraivanukae" in Tamil, i was stunned without words.

There are no parallels in this generation to compare his achievements. I can try to imagine few people coming somewhere near to him like Vishawanathan Anand, Paes/Bhupathi or like Tata/Ambani/NRN/Premji. But none can reach him. How can you give some music which everyone in the world loves.

"Hats off A.R.Rahman"

எல்லா புகழும் இறைவனுக்கே

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