Monday, 5 April, 2010

Moving Sale!!

Usually when people move to India from here, they put a "moving sale" with the items they have and the price they expect. 

I am moving to a new house (for rent only :)) within my town. I am staying in the current house for about three years. So I also sent a moving sale list. Read and remember, you need to reserve, if you want any of these items which will not be available anywhere else in the world. :-)

Rate (in Cents)
2 year old newspapers (2006-2007). Good Collection. Will be really useful to understand how world got into recession and will also help you to get to know the community you are living.

Free: Las Vegas Pamplets.
Door Mat. I suggest you use this, if you dont want any relative/friend to come to your house. Very effective. I myself think twice before entering my room.
Some Inch Old TV. Works most of the time. It is like a pet, you just need to sit next to it and tap on it every now and then. 
Anything you pay
Indian Masalas.Smells good. But the expiry date in the packet says 2007, i have no idea why they expire soon.Yesterday my roomate used it on his briyani and he hasn’t died yet. So I don’t know, how Masala expired. 
50% discount of marketed price  
Different kind of watch boxes. Some1 was very crazy more on watch boxes than on the watches. But unfortuantely couldnt carry them to India. 
Please take as much as you want.
Garbage bin. I give 100% Guarntee that any spoiled food that you put on this Garbage bin will not give a bad smell, because the Garbage bin by itself gives out a smell that will beat everything else. 
Sofa. Has no paperwork on this. No idea which year, it was bought. If you find any peanuts, kodbulae or any other kind of Indian snacks, I promise you that, I will not charge you for that.
Party items. Starting from tissue paper to soft drink cups. Enough for 2-3 Parties. Disclaimer is, as the house was full, I kept this in Bathroom cupboard for an year. Hope you don’t mind
Vaccum cleaner. It works. Gives the same noise as other VCs. Moves the same way as others. Very good condition,Except that I think the filter is gone and hence it doesn't clean. 
Hangers. Again good condition. But I suggest you use some deodrant on the hangers,before the use, else you may have to wash your clothes again. 
Light stand. The control in the light is gone, in one of our epic battles in the house. So you have to plug out & plug in the light whenever you want to switch off/on. If bulb ever gets fused out, I suggest you throw the lamp, instead of trying to change the bulb and getting Asthma.
Wooden chair. Only issue is last winter took the bottom of the chair and this winter took the back of the chair. But you can rest your head and hands on it peacefuly. Other parts of the body has to be in air. I suggest this for people who execise or do yoga.
Printer. Inkjet printer. Works fine. Just takes some time and gives a lot of noise. Other day, I have to print a pizza coupon and I connected this printer for printing. But couldn’t print, so I took pencil and scale and drew all barcodes, as printer took more time. Unfortunately, pizza hut didnt accept my drawing saying their scanner is not scanning it. they have raised a ticket with their IT and i am waiting for the resolution.
TV stand. It is surprising that it still stands. Again not for Astma people, others can venture @ their own risk
Cooking utensils. As most of us who stayed in the house were black(as per indian standards), we painted our cooking stuff also black, by leaving it in stove for an hour or so. You can't find whether it is made of aluminium or steel. The only color visible is black.

Any comments on the list? :)


அஸ்லம் கான் said...

you charge more for sofa...else i could try ..he he he...let me know if u can come for negotiations..

ஹுஸைனம்மா said...

நீங்க வீடு மாறும்போது கொடுத்தீங்களா? :-))

செந்தில் நாதன் said...

Aslam..yes...we can negotiate :-)

ஹுஸைனம்மா, ஆமாம்..அடுத்த வாரம் வீடு மாறுகிறேன்.. :-)